The Gift: Installation Series

Lunuganga was created by Geoffrey Bawa over a period of 40 years and is considered to be a seminal expression of his practice, a place where much of Bawa’s architectural thinking was explored and expressed through a series of built structures and the creation of a garden. Bawa always invited artists, including Laki Senananyake, Lidia Duchini, Fiona Hall, Jimmy Ong and Michael Ondaatje to make work on site or be inspired by it. Lunuganga has been and continues to be a quiet source of generosity for those interested to draw from this gift.

This year, as part of the artistic programme commemorating Geoffrey Bawa’s 100th birthday, Lunuganga will reconnect with this energy to host a program of installations by artists and makers from Sri Lanka and abroad, in a series where the garden is explored as a site of hospitality and a place of encounter. Themes of nurture, shelter, journey, generosity, perception and reflection will offer each artist a unique opportunity to respond to the work of Bawa and his garden. Invited by the Trust, six eminent makers will each respond to one of the world’s most unique gardens.

The artists invited for this project are: architect Kengo Kuma, artist Lee Mingwei, Sarah Sze and Chandragupta Thenuwara and photographers Dayanita Singh and Dominic Sansoni. All six have had a long interest in the work of Bawa. The centenary celebration offers the Trust a vehicle to bring to Sri Lanka a program that positions Bawa’s work and the Trust’s mission as internationally relevant and connected.
The first launch of The Gift installation Series:

January 2020

Venue: Lunuganga

The second launch of The Gift installation Series:

March 2020

Venue: Lunuganga