The Gift
Dominic Sansoni


Dominic Sansoni has been photographing Lunuganga since 1977. Perhaps the most well known images are those which he took along with Christoph Bon, in black and white, for Bawa’s own publication Lunuganga in 1989.  For his work in The Gift, Dominic took a very close look at the garden, showing the garden at a scale that is rarely observed. This “garden within a larger garden” which Dominic has photographed reflects many of the themes that have characterized his practice over the years; an interest in chroma, or the qualities of colour,  landscapes and things observed as they are naturally found to be. Viewed together, the photographs in this installation show Dominic’s acute observations of the changing and unchanging elements in the garden, and the relationships that he has documented over the years.

Symbiotic Organisms

Dominic Sansoni
(Sri Lankan, born 1956)

Inkjet prints on archival paper (2020)

Digitized contact sheets on photographic paper (1977)

Prints on photographic paper (1989)

Inkjet print on archival paper  (2019)

Viewing “The Gift”: Open Sundays Programme